The selection, washing and drying plant subjects the product to the most rigorous quality controls, a process which takes place from receipt of the product until it is received packaged by the consumer. Eduardo Sanz S.L. commercialises different varieties of potato, the most usual being Monalisa, Red-Pontiac and Agria.

Eduardo Sanz S.L, carries out an unbeatable selection of potatoes, and carefully undertakes production processes, giving a non-differentiated product such as the potato qualities which distinguish it and give it added value for the end consumer.

There are 3 different lines of production, which are stages of development: Fresh Potato (natural, washed or brushed), Range IV Potato (peeled and cut, ready for cooking), Range V Potato (cooked and ready to eat).






These are potatoes intended for consumption, which have undergone a normalisation process which includes: washing or brushing, selection, calibrating and packaging in different formats. The potatoes are presented in different formats from 2kg to 1000kg.





These are potatoes which after undergoing a normalisation process, are subjected to a process of peeling, washing and disinfection, selection, cutting, a centrifuge, chemical treatment, and packaged, ready to be cooked.

Once selected, and based on the type of cut and use required by the client, they are peeled, checked and cut (with multiple formats according to the type of use and potato).

They are then packaged in 2.5 kilo bags with a protective atmosphere (as a preservative), so they maintain their natural state completely intact.





These are potatoes which after undergoing a normalisation process and peeling, are mixed with different natural ingredients, vacuum-packed and cooked with extra virgin olive oil by autoclave (pasteurisation), ready for consumption.

Once washed, peeled and selected according to format and intended use, these are cooked (in 100% extra virgin olive oil) with a very rigorous quality control which ends in pasteurisation in a vacuum pack, which among other features, creates a 100% natural product without preservatives or colourings.

Of course, it must be remembered that even though commercialising potatoes constitutes most of Eduardo Sanz S.L.’s activity, it also works with other products such as onions and garlic.