The philosophy of Eduardo Sanz, S.L is based on direct and exhaustive quality control, ensuring a product which is monitored from its beginning to its commercialisation.

At EDUARDO SANZ S.L, the main goal is to achieve the highest level of quality in the creation of our products, allowing the greatest client satisfaction and confidence when our products are consumed.

This commitment has been demonstrated by obtaining the UNE-EN ISO 22.000:2005 certification on Food Quality and Safety, which places us among the most committed, competitive and innovative food companies. As very few companies in our sector are fully certified by this regulation, we provide a reliability and experience which few can offer.

Furthermore, to comply with the expectations of the most responsible clients, our company has been certified by the European regulations on Ecological Production. We have also included a catalogue of products where the Ecological category can be found, which includes the products which have been grown and processed in the most natural way possible.


This regulation has been conceived within ISO standards, focusing on Food Quality and Safety. This regulation incorporates the principles of HACCP and the programmes and prerequisites within an ISO 9001 management system, applying a wide quality programme which covers the overall improvement of the company:

  • Food safety: The guarantee that foods will not cause harm to the consumer when they are prepared and/or consumed in accordance with their intended use.
  • Product quality:Improvement of the extent to which a product fulfils the differentiating characteristics or features which comply with the established requirements, needs or expectations (definition according to ISO 9000:2005).
  • Food quality: Improvement of the extent to which a food product fulfils the differentiating characteristics or features which comply with the requirements, needs or expectations established by law, ISO regulations and internal requirements.

Furthermore, upon obtaining this seal through AENOR Certification, we obtain the supplementary IQNet certification. The certifications offered by IQNet allow companies and organisations to be globally demonstrated as being certified in a certain regulation, making it a seal which is applicable in any country of the world.

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Ecological products are better for health and the environment because they have been created without synthesised chemical products or genetically modified organisms. For a product to be ecological it has to be certified by an authorised control and certification body. Ecological foods must always be identified through the code or logo of the control body and the European seal of ecological production, which guarantees that that product has passed all tests and trials to which it has been subjected by all ecological production operators.

At Eduardo Sanz S.L, all products marked as Ecological comply with all Ecological Product requirements in terms of both their origin and in the handling and processing of the product.

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From the 1st of January 2012, there has been a collaboration between Eduardo Sanz and the Spanish Association Against Cancer to fight this disease. This organisation works for prevention, raises awareness, supports people and funds oncological research projects which allow better diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Cancer is one of the most major diseases in the world in terms of incidence, prevalence and mortality. Cancer is the second largest cause of death in Spain, and is therefore a priority health issue. One in every three men and one in every four women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Every year the incidence of cancer rises in Spain.

At Eduardo Sanz we wanted to join the effort by donating part of our profits from our products and flagship brands such as Andalucía Verde and Granada Verde. By purchasing any of these products, part of the purchase price will go towards fighting cancer.







Furthermore, at Eduardo Sanz we fully comply with current legislation. Our facilities are completely legalised with all current legal requirements, health registers and industry registers.