Eduardo Sanz, since 1952

Eduardo Sanz, S.L. was established in 1952, dedicated to the commercialisation of potatoes (consumption and seeding), gradually gaining a well-deserved prestige thanks to its way of understanding the market and knowing how to anticipate its demands.

A dynamic, modern company

Currently, Eduardo Sanz, S.L has modern facilities, with an excellent geographical location (at the entrance of MercaGranada, very close to Granada capital). All the company’s production and organisation areas are laid out over 3500m2, guaranteeing the optimisation of its resources. Eduardo Sanz, S.L currently has a staff of over 30 employees who make up a qualified team which professionally attends to the needs and guidelines required by the market.

The facilities have the most advanced technology, with fully automated processes, air-conditioning in over 1500m2, storage chambers for over 1,000,000 kilos, and cutting edge machinery for washing, drying, calibrating, cutting, peeling and cooking.

As a traditional family business with over half a century of experience, three generations (Eduardo Sanz Morales, Sanz Pimentel and Sanz Gil) have made a strong commitment to development and expansion. Knowledge of the market and the end consumer allow it to be a benchmark for quality and reliability in the wholesale market.

Eduardo Sanz S.L. is firmly committed to national production. Its supply comes mainly from Andalusia and Castile and León; and additionally to keep up with demand the whole year round, the company also has leading suppliers in France, the Netherlands, England, etc.

Substantial experience, and technical and human resources aid the quality and final presentation of the potato which comes from the Eduardo Sanz, S.L. facilities.




Once again supporting our commitment to quality, and to allow FULL MONITORING OF THE POTATO WHICH IS USED IN ITS LINE OF PRODUCTS, Eduardo Sanz S.L. imports, advises, configures and distributes the most suitable seeds for the current market demands and needs within the regional market, working with prestigious firms such as HZPC and AGRICO

This is a system of collaboration for which the company sells the seeds to the farmers, advising them on the type of potato most appropriate for planting according to the characteristics of their land and according to the real demand for the product in the market

This information is received directly from the main clients, large companies and supermarkets, who communicate the needs of the end consumer to Eduardo Sanz, S.L.

In this way, we obtain a real, current vision of the market, promoting seeds of a product which has the quality and characteristics to be a leading seller.

Eduardo Sanz, S.L is a leading company for farmers in all of Andalusia, and its sphere of influence includes part of Spain, extending its commercial labour to European countries such as France, the Netherlands, England and Scotland.